The Lilac House by Barbara Josselsohn

An utterly uplifting feel-good summer romance (Lake Summers Book 1)

The Grateful Reader Review by Dorothy Schwab

Discover artistic beauty and creativity in a refreshing springtime novel that mends hearts and broken families during one short summer at a lake resort in the Adirondacks. Barbara Josselsohn’s The Lilac House will wrap the reader in the arms of grief, regret, and finally forgiveness and the realization that life does go on. Newly widowed, Anna is hiding in the shadows of grief and living her future by reliving the memories of her lost husband. Taking her children, Zac and Evie, to Lilac House, the enchanting two-story Colonial Greg had surprised her with for their first anniversary, seems to be the right thing to do the summer after Greg’s untimely death. Maybe they’d all return for one last time to say good-bye and then sell the house? Anna returns to the charming Main Street of Lake Summers, to find the business owners of the quaint downtown preparing for a busy summer of campers, seasonal visitors, and Fourth of July festivities.

Lilac Pointe, the dance shop on Main Street, is owned by Anna’s Aunt Hope. The beautiful dance studio also has the best shoe and leotard selection in the region, along with an accomplished choreographer and dance instructor; but is still struggling. Enter Aidan, a new consultant in town, and his teenage son, Liam. Aidan is full of ideas on how to improve business in the resort town of Lake Summers. Hope doesn’t trust “consultants” and is not interested; Anna is.

Trust is an issue for Hope and Anna. Trusting one’s own feelings and the decisions of others can be a challenge for so many. Readers can trust Barbara Josselsohn to guide Anna and Hope to discover all the options for this last visit to Lake Summers and Lilac House. The pirouettes, plies and recalling of the Lilac Variation from The Sleeping Beauty, along with the discoveries of Hope and Anna’s trust in each other, will keep readers “on pointe!”

For readers searching for hope and renewed faith in discovering new love, second chances, and that comfortable feeling of “finding home”- take a jaunt over to The Lilac House on Main Street. Stay awhile and bask in the glow of sunset on the lake. Savor a meal at Sogni di Lago while the tiny lights glitter in the trees. Then stroll down to the Smoothie Dudes for the new Lilac Pointe Smoothie! The Lilac House is a ***** “QuaranRead!” GR

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