Book Club Cookbook Selection: Sobremesa: a memoir of food and love in thirteen courses by Josephine Caminos Oria

Grateful Reader Review by Dorothy Schwab

This memoir was a different genre for our book club, but it’s always good to expand ‘reading boundaries.” Sobremesa is the the story of Josephine Caminos Orio’s life long journey in search of love while staying true to herself and her family’s values. The book is laced with 13 wonderful recipes to add to the Argentine experience. Josephine’s search takes her from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to the family estancia in Argentina; and eventually beyond. We were surprised at the energy and time invested in cooking for Josephine’s family as children, then later at the estancia in Argentina, by Dorita-the grandmother and Poupee-Josephine’s mother-both were amazing in the kitchen! The recipes and memories shared in the book are proof. The transcontinental travel involved was also costly emotionally and financially.

Family traditions sparked a lively discussion on childhood memories; especially events where parents and kids were participants. The Gentleman Caller led to lots of sharing involving ghosts, angels, and signs in different times of our lives. Our overall feeling was one of nostalgia-for holiday or vacation traditions spent with family and the memories those evoke. The ingredients of multiple generations and memorable food; seasoned by bonds of love, make Sobremesa an inspiring culinary and reading experience.

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